Whether you are a seasoned swimmer or new to open water competitions, you will need to know the following particulars about our swim. Familiarizing yourself with this information will help make the race more enjoyable for you.

Here’s how it works:

Registration: Registration will open in Jan 2025

Course Map: Coral beach to Villas of the Galleon – click here


Swimmer Briefing Download
Race Rules Download
Abandonment Policy Download

START: Coral Beach

FINISH: Westin Grand Cayman

*  Note: Depending on ocean currents, the start/finish locations may be reversed. Notification of such will be announced. 

Parking at both the Start and the Finish is limited. You may want to carpool or take public transport. Please do not block any nearby businesses or driveways. Please bring only one car and walk to the Start before the race or from the Finish after the race.

Start (Coral Beach): Coral beach Parking & Old Royal Palms Parking

Finish (Westin Grand Cayman): Regatta Office Park, Governor’s Square and Governor’s Beach

You will need to be at the Start between 12:30pm and 1:45pm on race day to have your race number marked on your arm and collect your swim cap. Please do not put sunscreen on your arms until after you have been arm-marked. Please note that check-in closes at 1:45pm sharp! If you miss check-in you will not be allowed to swim. Check in tables are arranged alphabetically by surname.

Swimmers must wear the swim cap provided on race day. You must wear the cap for the entire swim. If you cross the finish line without a cap you will be disqualified. Extra caps will be available from the Marshals. If your cap comes off, put it back on. If you lose your cap, get another one from a Beach Marshal or Kayaker. (See Rules)

Please stay hydrated and in the immediate vicinity to be on hand for the required Swimmer Briefing.

There will be a designated warm up area near the Start. Please warm up only in this area.

Until further notice the usual Stuff Shuttle services will not be available. However, we do plan to have a bus shuffle service available from 12:30pm – 5pm between the start and finish locations on race day. 

The Cayman Islands Cancer Society is stationed at the start and supplies sunblock and Vaseline for greasing up.

At 2:10pm swimmers will gather near the stage for swimmer instructions and rules. Immediately after this briefing, you will go through a headcount. Officials will count each swimmer into the water through a check-point. The swim will begin as soon as possible after the headcount is completed.

Once you have passed through the head count you may enter the water. Please do not enter the water until AFTER you have gone through the head count. Any swimmer who does not go through the head count will be disqualified.

Due to the large number of swimmers, the start field will be large and may stretch down the beach for up to 50yds. Casual swimmers should place themselves at the rear of the pack.

Signs will be posted along the beach indicating estimated swimming times and where you should enter the water: under 20 mins (elite), 20-35 mins, 35-45 mins and over 45 mins. Please enter the water in the zone best suited to your swimming ability. This will allow the faster swimmers to be ahead of you so you are not thrashed by people passing you at the start. Please be considerate of other swimmers, especially at the start.

The Start Line is a rope strung between the beach and a buoy. The Starter will ensure that everyone is behind the Start Line before beginning the race. Both an air horn and a flag are used to start the race (audible and visible signals).

Please note that 75:00 minutes is a very generous cut-off time. You need not be in any rush at the start. The race start can be tricky in a cuisinart start, such as this one, where everyone starts at once and arms and legs are flailing everywhere, it is best if you pace yourself. Faster or more able swimmers prefer the outside edge at the front of the pack. If you are more of a novice whose goal is to finish the race, then you may want to place yourself at the back of the pack.

Once the start horn has sounded, stay relaxed and work your way forward in the water. As you pass over the Start Line you will swim over the rope (you may not even notice that it’s there). If you are at the back of the pack, it may take you up to 3 minutes to get from the spot where you entered the water up to the Start line. The cutoff time has been set to take into account the fact that some swimmers will take a couple of minutes to actually cross the Start Line.

The 1-mile course runs parallel to shore along Seven Mile Beach. Water safety craft will patrol the outer limit of the course. Please do not swim out beyond the boundary marking the course.

Large yellow and orange buoys will mark each 1/8th mile along the course. The Finish line is between 2 orange poles and under the Flowers Sea Swim banner. A funnel marked by lane ropes and yellow buoys will lead up to the Finish line.

Please be aware that there are other buoys and markers in the water along the course not related to the race.

Course map – coming soon..

You must swim into the finish funnel and cross the Finish Line in order to complete the race. When you cross the Finish Line you will be given a place card. Take this card to the Recorders for your group (alpha by surname) and hand it in. The Recorder will write down your place card number which will be matched later with timing data for the overall results. You must turn in your card and be recorded in order to qualify for prizes. If you lose your card before you get to the Recording tent, please report this immediately to the Recording officials and give them your best estimate of your finish place or time. Any swimmer who does not report to Recording and turn in a finish card will be disqualified and not eligible for prizes.

Please note, there is no requirement to tag the finish line banner as in some races. You need only cross the line between the orange poles to finish the race.

All swimmers upon finishing should move away from the finish line in a manner not to impede the Finish Judges and to make room for others to cross.

Do not cross the Finish Line more than once. Any swimmer who crosses the Finish Line more than once will be disqualified.

For safety and scoring purposes, it is vital that you report to an official if you are unable to complete the race. Whether you drop out before the race starts or during the race, and for whatever reason, please report to Check-in officials, a Beach Marshal, or the Recording officials at the Finish, to give them your name and race number. This helps the Recorders account for all swimmers.

First aid will be available at the Start, Finish, and along the course. Please notify the nearest official should you require attention.

The course will be patrolled by event staff and volunteers on boats, kayaks, and jet skis. Beach Marshals will be stationed at intervals along the beach. If a swimmer feels unable to proceed or wants to get out of the water, they should attract the attention of safety personnel.

Swimmers enter this event at their own personal risk. They are responsible for their own physical condition, and are urged to train and have a medical check prior to entry. A swimmer deemed incapable of completing the course may be taken out of the water by safety officials at any time. While in the water all swimmers must comply with the directions of the event staff. Any swimmer who pulls out of the race must notify race officials immediately.

Please be aware that there are other buoys and markers in the water along the course not related to the race. Swimmers should note that these fixtures may have barnacles or other marine growth that may cause abrasions or other injuries, and swimmers should avoid contact with them.

In case of emergency, air horns will be sounded repeatedly. Get out of the water immediately.

The food and drinks tent at the Finish site is intended for swim competitors and event staff. Out of courtesy to other swimmers finishing behind you, please do not take more than your share of food or collect food for family or friends. There is a separate ‘non-competitors’ food tent for Walkers and spectators.

Goody bags, including your race tee-shirt, are located at the Finish. Show your race number in order to collect your bag.

Please use the designated race showers at the Westin Grand Cayman Resort

The ceremony at the Finish will begin at 4:00p. Awards for the top 4 Men’s and Women’s swimmers will begin as soon as the ceremony is finished. Random prizes will be drawn after the awards. This is a great time to relax, rest, re-hydrate and enjoy a beautiful day at the beach.

Swimmers must be present to win random prizes and must show the race number on their arm. Only the winning swimmer can collect her or his own prize. Prizes are non-transferable.

Click here for more info on available prizes

Come to the beach on race day well-hydrated, and continue to drink water before the race starts. Sunscreen is important. Please wear it according to best practices, don’t let a sunburn ruin your afternoon!

Also, all participants are responsible for supplying their own goggles. Event organizers or officials will not have these items available.

Lastly, we will be observing all current Government public health guidelines concerning COVID-19 throughout the event. For more information on current policies  – please click here

Air temperature 85F avg. /29C avg
Water temperature Low 80sF avg./ 28-29C avg.
Winds Average slight to moderate, 5-10 knots
Current Average slight to moderate

It takes over 200 volunteers to put this race on. Many of them you see on race day, from check-in through to random prizes. Others work long hours behind the scenes for months in advance of the event. Please take a moment on race day to thank the volunteers who make this event possible.

700 Registration limit
  Registration closes as soon as the limit is reached
RACE DAY 17 June, 2023
12:30 Check-in opens (no stuff shuttle will be available)
1:45 Check-in closes
2:10 Swimmer Briefing and HeadCount
2:30 Race starts
3:45 Race finishes. Course closes
4:00 Finish ceremony and awards begin

Please see our Event Schedule for more information. 

*Schedule is subject to change

Due to the charitable nature and complexity of the Flowers Sea Swim, there will be no refunds for any reason including event cancellation.

Please remember to be courteous to your fellow swimmers, THANK the volunteers,and have a fun, safe race.