Visiting Officials

Dennis Ryther (UANA)

Race Referee

Nicole Normandin (UANA/FINA)

Race Referee

Top FINA swimming official and active member of the UANA Open Water Technical Committee.

She has been an active competitive swimming official and volunteer since 1976.

Rick Walker (FINA/UANA)

Race Referee

Rick is the Head Men’s and Women’s Swimming coach for Southern Illinois University.  Served as Open Water Olympic coach for Egypt.   Served 12 year as Head Open water coach for USA Swimming.  He has served as an official for FINA World Championships and was a head referee for the Pan American Games.  Member of the UANA Open Water Technical Committee

Pat McCallum

Race Referee


Frank Flowers

Flowers Sea Swim: Race Founder

Dara Flowers Burke

Flowers Sea Swim: PR & Marketing Officer

William Cherry

Flowers Sea Swim: Land Logistics Coordinator

Kevin Graham

Flowers Sea Swim: Field Marshall

Robert Duty

Flowers Sea Swim: Water Logistics Coordinator

Anup Itwar

Flowers Sea Swim: Event Coordinator

Jinky Castenada

Flowers Sea Swim

Kyra Balagot

Flowers Sea Swim

Martin Ruben

Flowers Sea Swim: Head of Recording

Adrian Royston

Flowers Sea Swim: Head Timer

Edward Weber

Flowers Sea Swim: Senior Timer

Anne Mae Roffey

Flowers Sea Swim: Registration

Tracey Myrie

Flowers Sea Swim: Registration

Dagmar Wojcicki

Flowers Sea Swim: Beach Marshall

Ian Lambert

Flowers Sea Swim: Beach Marshall

Dale Avery

Flowers Sea Swim: Beach Marshall